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The Goddess in the Crypt (26.13 mins)

Celebrations to save the wartime murals at St Elisabeth’s church crypt in Eastbourne’s Old Town brought together drummers and a storyteller to bring attention to these unique paintings now under threat from the possible demolition of the church.

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Eastbourne's Faiths Forum

Reflections on Love’ was the theme for this year’s Eastbourne’s Faiths Forum held at the Congress Suite on Wednesday, November 19th 2014.

Part One: Gabriela and Ellivia Taylor (pupils of Cavendish School), perform ‘All we need is love’. Islam: Imam Abdel Rahim Chbib, Roman Catholic: Father Raglan Hay-Will, Judaism: Michael Harris. (23.04 mins)      > Click to View (Windows wmv)

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Part Two: Paganism: Allan Hook, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints: Nick Palmer, Society of Friends (Quakers): Geoffrey Johnson, Anglican Church: Revd. Dr Sebastian Mattapally, The Church of Christ, Scientist: Jean Whitehead. (24.54 mins)                                                             > Click to View (Windows wmv)

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Part Three: Questions and Answers, Gabriela and Ellivia Taylor, closing song. (49.00 mins)                                                            > Click to View (Windows wmv)

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Eastbourne Steampunk Festival 2014 (2.44 mins)

There was an incredible variety of curiosities and wonders to be found at the Eastbourne Steampunk Festival over the weekend of the 13-14th Sep
tember 2014, all along Eastbourne's seafront.

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Holy Well Concert  (10.52 mins)

A magical evening at Eastbourne's Holy Well on Tuesday, August 12th 2014.

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Lammas 2014 (4.22 mins)

Bright sunshine greeted the annual Lammas festival along Eastbourne's seafront from the pier to the West Lawns on Saturday, July 26th 2014.

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Defend the Redoubt  (2.37 mins)

Watch as the ghosts of a bygone age prepare to defend Eastbourne's Redoubt against a Napoleonic  attack. A re-enactment of the highest quality of authenticity.  

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Bible by the Beach  (6.40 mins)

True Humanity: a full weekend’s programme of music, conferences, seminars, and children’s events took place at the Congress Theatre during 2-5 May 2014. Now in its sixth year, visitors to this year’s Bible by the Beach explored what it means to be “truly human”.

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Eastbourne's Faith Forum

The fifth annual Inter Faith event was held at the Congress Suite on Wednesday, November 20th 2013. It was entilted 'Contrary to common Beliefs.'

Eastbourne's Faith Forum (57.10mins)

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Eastbourne's Faith Forum - Part Two  (43 mins)

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Beachy Head Marathon (2.37 mins)

Bright sunshine greeted the 2,211 runners of the 2013 Beachy Head Marathon as they started from the foot of Beachy Head on a gruelling but wondrously scenic run over 26 miles to Alfriston and back along the Seven Sisters.

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Lammas 2013 (6.43 mins)

Now in its 13th year, the Eastbourne Lammas festival was held on the West Lawns over the weekend of the 27th-28th July 2013.

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Old Town Fete  (6.16 mins)

Bright sunshine bathed the annual Old Town Fete at the Longland Road Recreation Ground on Saturday, July 20th 2013. This traditional village fete is a mixture for everyone from dog show, stalls and side shows and with this year the arrival of the Polegate miniature railway.

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Eastbourne's Sunshine Carnival 2013  (9 mins)

Bright sunshine welcomed Eastbourne's Sunshine Carnival parade from Princes Park to the West Lawns on Saturday, May 25th 2013.

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Saint George's Day celebration at St Mary's Church  (5 mins)

Saint George’s day celebration was held at St Mary’ Church on Saturday, April 20th 2013.

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Rock the Redoubt  (6.15 mins)

The Eastbourne Bonfire Society presented 'Rock at Redoubt' over the weekend of April 6th - 7th 2013.

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African Djembe Drumming  (8.06 mins)

Tony Puleston led the African Djembe drumming players during ‘Rock the Redoubt’ on Saturday, April 6th 2013 at the Redoubt Fortress.

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Sea Gypsies at St Mary's Church (14.22 mins)

The Sea Gypsies performing at the St George's Day celebration held at St Mary's Church, Old Town,  on Saturday, 20th April 2013.

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Story Telling 2013 (55.29 mins)

Argentinian storyteller Anabelle Castaño visited Eastbourne during National Storytelling Week 2013. Here, she speaks to Sally Willow about the art and craft of storytelling and the festival of Pacha Mama - akin to our celebrations of Lammas and the Wassail. In her unique style, Anabelle tells the secrets and stories of South America in this exclusive interview.

Storytelling Sundays with Sally Willow at Beanzz Cafe, Grove Road, Eastbourne. For more information please visit Sally's blog: http://wp.me/p2HTmm-4W
Twitter: @innernatureSW
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/409485442467795/

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Olympic Torch comes to Eastbourne  (5.12 mins)

On Tuesday, July 17th 2012, the Olympic Torch was paraded through Hampden Park, Kings Drive, Royal Parade to Princes Park. Thousands gathered at the pier entrance and all along the seafront route.

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10th World Dance Championships (17.33 mins)

The International Dance Federation held its 10th annual championships at the Winter Garden, from 24 - 27th May 2012. With over 1200 competitors from all over the world, it was an amazing event.

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Easter Festivities at the Redoubt

1) Celebration (2.33mins)  > Click to View

2) Storytellers (2.41mins) > Click to View

3) Sally Willow talks about her new book, Holly Stardust, Down to Earth (7.05mins)  > Click to View

For more about Holly Stardust, Down to Earth please visit: www.innernature.org.uk/footprints

Holywell Blessing 2011  (12.10 mins)

One year on from the re-opening of the Holywell sacred Groto, a second blessing service was held on Monday, 28th August 2011.

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STITCH FOR VICTORY at the Redoubt Fortress (15.50 mins)

Visitors to the Redoubt Fortress were whisked back in time to the war years of the Forties. The RAF explained how they warded off the Luftwaffe, nearby we witnessed a casualty being attended to in a First Aid centre, while members of the Women’s Institute were shown how to make do under war time conditions.

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BAPTISM in Eastbourne (17.06 mins)

Two churches from London, including the Mount Zion Spiritual Baptist Church, came together to celebrate this annual event by the sea. The community pray and sing, as the Holy Spirit moves among them and each initiate is blindfolded and guided into the sea for the baptism.

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The Boxing Day Dip into the Sea  (1.16 mins)

The annual Boxing Day dip into the icy waters of the English Channel has become a tradition in Eastbourne.
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Six Times Lucky for Marathon Runner Stuart

This weekend’s eighth Beachy Head Marathon saw a sixth victory for University of Brighton lecturer Stuart Mills who covered the challenging 26-mile route in just 3 hours 3 minutes despite the heavy rain.

A regular entrant who has competed in the event every year, Stuart Mills who is originally from New Zealand, claimed first place for the sixth time and despite poor weather conditions took just one minute longer than last year.

Stuart was joined by more than 1,700 entrants from around the world, who didn’t let the wet weather dampen their spirits on Saturday morning as they set off across the South Downs to complete the country’s largest off-road marathon.

View last year's event> Click to View

Airbourne 2009

The World's biggest free seafront airshow again drew massive crowds to Eastbourne.  When Major Bernard Fowler established the Eastbourne Aviation Company in 1909, he little envisaged the vast annual air display that would attract thousands of visitors to Eastbourne’s seafront. His original airfield lies under the factory area below St Anthony’s Mount with only the Royal Naval Air Station guardhouse in Leeds Avenue remaining. During the First World War pilots from all over the commonwealth came to train here and on the site of the Sovereign Centre, stood a factory, building seaplanes for the war effort. Eastbourne was truly a Mecca in the pioneering days of flight

Airbourne 2009 (4.56 mins) > Click to View

Red Arrows (5.06 mins)  > Click to View

Team Guinot Wingwalkers (4.21 mins)  > Click to View

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (5.40 mins) > Click to View

Hawker Hurricane (1.18 mins) > Click to View

Eurofighter Typhoon (3.04 mins) > Click to View

Tigers Parachute Display (3.20 mins ) > Click to View

Swift Glider Team (3.19 mins) > Click to View

The Blades (2.43 mins ) > Click to view

LIVE BETTER FOR LESS  (23.32 mins)

With the economic climate causing hardship to many, the organisers of LIVE BETTER FOR LESS have created a unique opportunity on how to make the family budget go a long way – from food, advice to solar power. Covering two floors with stands, demonstrations and workshops, it proved a great success with hundreds of visitors. To add to the fun was a story teller, a ghost from Dickens and Carol singers. www.livebetterforless.org.uk Alsolink to the Eastbourne Inline Skate School www.SK8school.co.uk

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Magnificent Motors  (21.29 mins)

Over 25,000 visitors are annually attracted to this exciting event – a cavalcade of cars spanning nearly 100 years of automobile history. Along with the 500 exhibits are steam traction engines, commercial and military vehicles and all the fun of the fairground. But it is the vintage cars that really hold the eye, lovingly preserved and polished for this special day on Eastbourne’s seafront.

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 (54:36 mins)

County Councillor Maurice Skilton, MBE was honoured with the Freedom of the Borough of Eastbourne at a special ceremony at the Town Hall on 7th January 2008. The Honour was awarded in recognition of the outstanding contribution that Councillor Skilton has made to Eastbourne and its community for more than 45 years and serving as a councillor for the Old Town on both the Eastbourne Borough and East Sussex County Councils.

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Queen Victoria visits Eastbourne  (3.40 mins)

Eastbourne celebrates its Victorian heritage with an annual pageant. The week started with the arrival of Queen Victoria. We follow her to the Town Hall and later, she is entertained by children from Stafford School at Eastbourne’s Enterprise Centre.

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During the Victorian Festival, the Friends of The Devonshire Park Theatre took visitors on a tour of this historical theatre.  See also under our 'Places to visit' section.

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As part of the Victorian Festival, residents and visitors were given a conducted tour of Eastbourne's Town Hall by the Mayor Cllr. Mary Pooley and the Chief Executive, Martin Ray. See also under our 'History' section.

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Eastbourne Pier Raft Race

The raft race around Eastbourne pier attracted thousands of onlookers to this popular annual event. Thirteen competitors challenged each other for the prize for the fastest time. Some of the raft designs  were more colourful and creative than sea worthy, but the rescue boats were on standby just in case!

1st Heat (4.47 mins)   > Click to View

Kings Night Club (girls) - Eastbourne Fishermans Club -

Eastbourne Working Men's Club -  Boltons Bar

2nd Heat  (2.52 mins)   > Click to View

Shore Bar - Armoury  Locksmith's -  The Nut House

3rd Heat (4.56 mins)  >Click to View

Ellis Builders - Marks & Spencers - Atlantis Cellar

4th Heat & Prize Giving (9.22 mins)  > Click to View

Function Rooms - Atlantis Night Club - Kings Night Club