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Sunrise over Eastbourne pier, click on the picture to see the real Eastbourne, colourful and active, walk the streets, see its varied shades as the Summer season  presents numerous activities. This is a town for all seasons, for weekend retreats or week long holidays, for sunshine, the sea air and an abundance of natural beauty.

Devonshire Park Theatre  (6.64 mins)

The friends of the Devonshire Park Theatre take the viewer on a conducted tour of this historic theatre commissioned by the 7th Duke of Devonshire and designed by the Duke's architect, Henry Currey. It was opened on Monday, June 2nd 1884 and remains today an important part of the town's entertainment scene.

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The Western Parades (2.42 mins)

Probably the most ambitious and expensive project undertaken by the Duke of Devonshire, the Western Parades were designed by Henry Currey in his 1872 development plan and commenced in 1878. It required the removal of some 400,000 cubic yards of chalk, which were transported and used in the foundation of the roads and buildings at the east end of the town.

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Sovereign Harbour (1.33 mins)

The eastern end of the promenade used to terminate at a vast area of shingle known as the Crumbles, which spread across the beach land to neighbouring Pevensey Bay. Following the approval of the Eastbourne Harbour Act 1980 & 1988 in Parliament, work started on the construction of the largest composite marina in the UK, a massive undertaking opened in 1993.

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Hampden Park (2.30 mins)

The park itself was originally a decoy pond on part of Freeman -Thomas’s Ratton estate. In 1898, it was offered to the Eastbourne Council, 82 acres of land for the sum of £3,000, with a provision that a road would be built linking Willingdon with Eastbourne, to be called King’s Drive.

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Beachy Head (3.41 mins)

Beachy Head is the highest cliff on the South Coast of Britain. At 575 feet above sea level, it offers breath-taking views across the countryside. On a clear day one can see Dungeness in the east, and the Isle of Wight in the west.

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