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Special People

Barbara Manning (10.03 mins) reads some of her poetry and shares her thoughts on how they came to be written. She is well known to many through her writings in the local paper over many years. You can contact her on barbaravonsass@hotmail.co.uk

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The Extraordinary George Musgrave  (43.26 mins)

The Musgrave museum stands in Seaside Road and is the centre for one of Eastbourne’s most extraordinary and versatile artist. His work covers miniature statues to beautiful colour paintings, from following in the footsteps of St Paul and writing of his life, to a whole world of engraving, historical discovery and collecting memorabilia. During the 1950s he appeared on radio and more recently on Channel 4. His father died at the front during the First World War and young George Musgrave was left to fend for himself, with his mother who had to eke out a living. Having no toys to play with he quickly discovered how to create his own, later he was an athlete, a church minister, a novelist, and now at the age of 95 he is still researching his favourite subjects.

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